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Horizontal Machining Centers

What You Get is Even More Important Than What You Pay

The real value of a Machining Center extends across many years. You measure it by what it can earn for you, how long it will keep earning, and total owning and operating costs, not just the purchase price. M.S. Machining Systems has never compromised this concept of value Here are 6 important advantages vital to your business and your profits.

  1. Linear recirculating roller way bearings, no stick/slip. Sliding ways used to be the only feasible approach to machine-tool motion. Higher technology has seen better ways including adjustable pre-loaded recirculating way bearing cartridges used on every axis, on every machining center. They cost more, but in over-all value they are worth it-in rigidity, fast response, reduced wear, and lasting precision.

  2.  Adjustability for lasting accuracy. These bearing cartridges have another plus, besides reducing friction and wear. They can be adjusted to achieve exactly the right tension, to keep the machine in alignment, and to eliminate any looseness or "play". This simplifies the task of staying within tolerance, throughout the life of your machine. 

  3. Replace or regrind the ways, not the machine. M.S. Machining Systems protects your investment by fitting our machining centers with bolt-on replaceable hardened and ground ways. Should they be damaged, replace them, quickly and economically, and resume production.

  4. Steel : twice the stiffness of cast iron, with the same weight. Contrary to the long-standing myth, "heavy" doesn't mean "strong". Steel has fifty percent less deflection in a given length and cross-section. Additionally, twice the stability, rigidity and precision when cutting.

  5. Fast cycle times. A key factor in any machining center's profitmaking ability. M.S. cuts cycle times through the combination of high performance drives and low-friction bearing design. The ability to achieve full spindle horsepower at low rpms permits heavy milling cuts with large cutters, for short cycle times even on difficult special alloys.

  6. Factory support and parts for 40 plus years when you need it. In fact, our standard diagnostic package can identify many problems and log them.

Built for value. M.S. Machining Systems has always aimed at building machine tools that deliver value. The engineering advances and refinements on MSMSI machining centers are there because of cost reasons, longer life, greater accuracy, less downtime, shorter cycle times, and more profit for you. The goal: to increase the value, the return on investment. This is much more important to you than the initial price tag.

Horizontal Machining Centers