Standards and Options

4th & 5th Axis

All machines with the exception of the HMC-600 come standard with 4 axis (1 degree index table).  As an option a 1/2 degree index table is available.  A full 4 axis contouring rotary B axis is also available.  To add to functionality of the machine a 5th axis rotary table can also be added on top of the 4th axis.


Tool storage and tooling

Tools up to 5.5" diameter and 50lbs can be stored side by side in the tool chain.  The tool chain allows for storage of oversize tools, up to 10" diameter (with adjacent pockets empty) and also longer tools.  By adding a right angle tool to the machine's tool chain, the machine is able to work on more sides of a part.  Extreme tooling can be accommodated on part fixtures and retrieved via the CNC part program. 

For most operations the standard 48 tool storage chain offers plenty of space.  If more tool storage is required a 76 tool storage chain option is available.  The extended tool chain adds in the flexibility when machining complicated jobs or adding tool redundancy for extended production runs. The 76 tool option allows a full tool complement for machining operations on a multi pallet machine.  Extra tools allow for fewer setups between jobs saving time and adding to profitability. 


Chip Conveyors

chipconva With a chip conveyor under the machine, the chips are automatically removed as they are cut. This option comes with control buttons located next to the operator station for easy operation during machining.  Ask about a programmable chip conveyor for production jobs that need the chip conveyor to cycle on and off automatically.



Pallet Changer

A 4-6 station pallet changer will increase the flexibility of the machining center and increase available cutting time.  While the machine is cutting on one pallet, a fresh part can be loaded on the second pallet.  The third pallet can be in the middle of a new part setup and the fourth ready to run when the first pallet is finished.  Additional automation is available with a pallet changer.  Using M-codes in the part program you can pick your pallet and or run all four pallets before requiring any operator intervention to load more parts.  Using macros you can also customize how pallets and part programs are selected and cycled automatically.  No machine should be without one. 



Machine enclosure provides chip and coolant containment.  Most machine enclosures are designed to not reduce the possible part size within the machine travel or when cycled through the pallet change operation.


Custom Stations and Duplex Mills

Each machine can be customized to the customer's needs.  For example a milling station can be added to the end of the X travel for simplified part processing.  Duplex Mills, for some jobs two spindle are better than one. For custom stations or duplex mills contact us.


Other Options

Special request can be add to the machine to fit a special products or process.  For example; a spacer between the column and the base to facilitate the rotation of and cutting on the end of a longer part on the table.



Probing can simplify machine set up and calibration.  The combination of Macro programming and a probe will allow extreme flexibility for; set-up, part checking, program selection, broken tool detection, setting offsets, and more.


HMC-600 - Options

Extra axis can be added to the HMC-600.  Typical additions  include a B-axis indexing table or an extra Z-axis / B-axis table combination.  On the extreme you could possible add two Z/B combinations.  For very long parts an A-axis trunnion is available to rotate parts around the X-axis.

To position parts and hold them in place, floor plates are available for quote.



Custom CNC Options

Many CNC options are currently available.  Contact us about custom options to customize a horizontal machining center your needs.