About US

M.S. Machining Systems, Inc. was established over 44 years ago by people dedicated to solving machining problems in a resourceful, professional way. More than a manufacturer of machining centers, M.S. Machining Systems, Inc is a company of innovators that will examine time tested process for possible improvement.

As a constant innovator in Horizontal Machining Center design and construction, M.S. Machining Systems, Inc. continues to manufacturer larger and most user friendly machining centers. Based in Michigan with dedicated craftsman, M.S. Machining Systems has flourished to support customers in many industries world wide. We service the: Aerospace, Oil patch, Earthmoving, Aerial platforms, Road Construction, City infrastructure, Valves, Electric Motors, Pumps, Structural steel, Rail road, Agricultural, Road Maintenance, and more.

Take a moment and give us a call 517.546.1170 or send an email to [email protected]