Horizontal Machining Centers


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Heavy duty horizontal machining centers at a reasonable price.

Years of refinements have gone into the design and construction of our current line of machine tools.

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M.S. Machining Systems, Inc.

Horizontal spindle machining centers with an advanced computer numerical control and automatic tool changer, performing a wide variety of machining operations on large and heavy work pieces.  Numerous standard features increase your productivity and reduce non-cutting time.

Our product line offers a large diversity of axis travel and part capacity.  The rigid, hardened and ground ways provide a s high level of accuracy for the reset roller way bearings and high response servo motors.

If you are looking for something special please take a moment and contact us.


60" x 40" x 28"

[1524 x 1116 x 711mm]

60" x 40" x 31.5"

[1524 x 1016 x 800mm]

72" x 40" x 40"

[1829 x 1016 x 1016mm]

78" x 58" x 58"

[1981 x 1473 x 1473mm]

78" x 58" x 58 x 18"

[1981 x 1473 x 1473 x 457mm]

120" x 72" x 58"

[3048 x 1829 x 1473mm]

240" x 58" x 46"

[6096 x 1473 x 1168mm]