Flexible and Balanced

HMC-200 BAR.  Horizontal Machining Center with a BAR spindle. Side view.

General Specifications

X Axis 78 [
Y Axis 58" [
Z Axis 58" [1473.2mm]
W Axis 18" [457.2mm]
 B Axis 360 degree

Power MTD 30hp [
Speed 0-2000 RPM standard*
Taper CV 50
* High Torque optional

INDEX TABLE B (standard)
1 degree
39" x 39" [
990.6mm x 990.6mm] table top
 10,000 Lbs [4536
KG] Table load capacity

Versatile & Composed

Travel and construction of the HMC-200 has a unique balance of size and performance.   The basic cube size of the machine allows it to cut a wide variety of parts without wasted motion.  The design of the machine allows for heavy continuous cutting. Its' long Z travel  maximizes the ability to work on the ends of long parts in a single set-up. X axis travel can  be extended to 120" or 144" on the HMC-200 model. Extended Y travels are also available for oversized parts.

Some of the available options include 720 position (1/2 degree) table, 360,000 position contouring table.

Contact us for other available options or see OPTIONS tab.
(HMC-200 with some options shown).


CNC Control

Each machine is fitted with a custom featured up to date Fanuc I series control and servo package.

The state of art Fanuc i series CNC uses surface mount technologies that allows the compact
CNC to be mounted behind the flat panel color LCD display. High speed data transfer is facilitated
via the FSSB (fiber-optic) that connects the servo drives and spindle* to the CNC.  The I/O is daisy
chained to the CNC using a high speed link.  All this provides performance and reliability for years to come.

Some of the available control options.

  • Rigid Tapping
  • 48+ Work piece coordinate offsets
  • 400 Tool offsets with wear adjustments
  • Programmable spindle orient
  • Programmable chip conveyor

Contact the factory for machine specific options.





48 tool storage standard.
50Lbs [
22.7kG] capacity
Max diameter 10" [
254mm] with adjacent
pockets empty.
76 tool storage optional.

 PALLET CHANGER (optional)
4 stations - pallets
 39" x 39" [990.6
mm x 990.6mm]

Basic machine
Weight 65,000 Lbs. [29,484kG]
Footprint 25.5' x 27.8' [7.8m x 8.5m]

M.S. Machining Systems, Inc.




An HMC-200 has a unique balance of size and performance with an optional bar spindle. The BAR spindle allows for more flexible tool access inside parts, standardizes tool length, and simplifies the machining operations.

Saves You Time

Built to last. Easy to maintain.

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Contour Head

Machining Systems’ contour cross feed tool for basic turning applications.  The w-axis servo feedback system gives direct control of the cross feed tool slide motion.